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  Sports Center «FORM»
The main and primary purpose of Sports Center "FORM" is to unite the efforts of leading coaches and athletes in Kiev for the effective development and promotion of martial arts and philosophy, as well as promoting healthy lifestyles, strengthening of activities aimed at raising moral and personal qualities in children, adolescents and young adults.

Center "FORM" is central to a sports club in Kiev representing the sports school of Karate-Do, style Shotokan version JKA / WF.

Center "FORM" - one of the leading clubs in Ukraine, with more than 20 years and raised a lot of outstanding athletes, winners of national and international events - more than 30 black belt, Master of Sports of Ukraine and the MMR in karate. Our athletes are leading to the Championships and championships in Kiev, Ukraine and international competitions.

Center "Form" - in order to improve skills, we invite karate masters from different countries and regularly conduct seminars and certification to foster and improve our students and the coaching and instructor staff.

Our philosophy - a philosophy winner

Our task - the education of such personal qualities in students that any difficulties and obstacles they have not been an obstacle to the goal or objective.

Instilling the habit of winning, winning in everything we aspire to - to bring up the distinguished and prosperous in the whole personality, that no difficulties and obstacles were not an obstacle to the goal or objective.

Regular practice of karate as a kind of martial arts helps promote the development of many abilities, such as:
• ability to withstand any challenges, obstacles and temporary setbacks,
• ability to creative (creative) thinking,
• ability to act, not just reasoning,
• the ability to search for new and unexpected decisions, and non-standard logic,
• the ability to always strive for something greater,
• ability to withstand competition,
• the ability to respect, to be respected by others,
• ability to care and love others,
• ability to distinguish good from bad,
• ability to self-evaluation
• ability to sense of patriotism, faith and devotion,
• ability to optimism and achievement in all,
• ability to self-improvement and healthy lifestyles,
      no Tobacco
         without alcohol
                without drugs and other harmful habits.
This is certainly not a complete list of all those qualities which are so necessary in our PERSONALITY such difficult times. All this, all these qualities we try to instill in our students.
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